Emancipate Your Health From Mental Slavery: The Truth About Racism’s Invisible Harm with Dr. Elaine Ferguson

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  • Your genes and your family’s medical history do not determine your health or control your destiny.

  • Your emotions are more important than the food you eat and your exercise program.

  • You can restore diseased cells.

  • You can control how quickly or slowly your cells and reverse the process. 

  • Love is the most powerful nutrient.


  • You will learn the truth about the hidden harm racism triggers and a comprehensive approach to healing their invisible wounds.

  • Racism is the leading health risk factor

  • The primary manner it causes harm

  • The latest research regarding racism & health

  • Thriving African American personality traits

  • The 5 pillars of creating a transformational mindset (the B.R.A.V.E. Mindset Shift™)

  • Next healing step (the Rise & Thrive Healing Circle)

Are you in pain?

Have you ever felt shame, humiliation, anger, frustration, helpless or victimized by racism? It's hard for me to imagine that you haven't. I wish I could. But I know the truth of the unending challenges we face and the toxic toll that it takes on us. The last few years have been even more difficult with the daily spewing of venomous hate.

During the last year, did you experience unbearable grief and distress, due to the murders that occurred at the hands of police and vigilantes? We are continuously exposed to the videotapes of the deaths and violent assaults, which makes matters even worse. Our collective deep sense of grief and anguish is worsened by a constant barrage of heartbreaking images.

If you want to stop feeling the brutal pain, anguish, and grief racism has on your health and begin to experience not only relief but empowerment, then this is the most important letter you'll read this year!

Here's why...

Now more than ever, it's vitally important for you to know how you can protect, heal and shield your mind, body, and spirit from the unending experiences that's caused so much anguish and grief.

Racism is not only painful...
It is:

  • The leading health-endangering risk factor.

  • The main reason why we experience more chronic diseases and die younger.

Yes, racism is a public health crisis that should be addressed. But YOU can't afford to wait for this ongoing discussion and efforts to make a difference in your life.

According to David Williams, Ph.D., a renowned Harvard University professor, acclaimed sociologist, and leading discrimination researcher, racism is the leading cause of chronic illness and early death among African Americans.

Racism Increases YOUR Risk of Developing:

  • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

  • Diabetes

  • Heart Disease

  • Cancer

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • PTSD

  • Many more chronic diseases

You can’t afford the luxury of waiting for the end of or the transformation of systemic and structural racism as an effective way to address its toxic effects.

You must take your health and well-being into your own hands!

“Racism must be consciously combatted and not discreetly tolerated!”
-Nelson Mandela

The health-endangering effects of racism can be conquered! You just need to learn how to do stop it from damaging your precious being.

Your Time to HEAL is Now!

Healing your pain matters now more than ever!

It’s time to heal the trauma, stop suffering in silence, end the internal damages to your physical health and emotional well-being in ways you don’t appreciate or acknowledge.

I believe it’s no accident that you’re listening to me or reading my words. I truly feel in my heart this is a sacred healing moment and opportunity. These words are perhaps speaking to a deep, hidden longing for healing resting within your heart.

In the tradition of our ancient African healing wisdom and clinically proven holistic approaches, we will share with you the key ingredients to experience relief and begin your pathway to healing your grief, trauma, and ongoing pain caused by racism & oppression.

“The physical and psychological damage caused by racism can be interrupted healed, and overcome when the body is given the resources it needs to create the optimal internal environment.”
- Elaine Ferguson, MD

Here's the Formula To Protect, Heal, Shield & Empower Your PRECIOUS Mind, Body, & Spirit!
How to Rise & Thrive Above Racism's Harm

The most important aspect of any experience is what you have control over. You have no control over the way a person treats you. But you do have a choice, in terms of how you chose to respond.

Most of us don't realize, we have a choice because we tend to automatically react to mistreatment, in an established way. Most importantly, because you were never told you had a choice!

This is the main reason we grin and bear it and suffer in silence.

In Order to Thrive You Must Nurture 5 Powerful Healing Elements:

◊ The Right Intention

◊ The Right Mindset

◊ The Right Physical Approach

◊ The Right Spiritual Awareness

◊ The Right Healing Plan

When These 5 Critical Healing Assets Are Incorporated:

YOU CAN Effectively & Efficiently PROTECT, HEAL & SHIELD Your Mind, Body, and Spirit From Racism’s Harm!

“A Good Head and A Good Heart Are Always a Formidable Combination.”
-Nelson Mandela

 We are very excited to share with you our comprehensive holistic healing and well-being program, including an inspired space and place to launch your individual and collective healing empowerment journey! And help you to more fully embody your good head and your good heart!

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Emancipate Your Health From Mental Slavery: The Truth About Racism’s Invisible Harm with Dr. Elaine Ferguson

5 ratings
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