50+ Reasons Why African Americans Succeed At Failing Financially

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“This Special Report is important for all African American folks to read and be familiar with. Our understanding and position on business must be superior to all other groups for us to grow and succeed. For far too long, we have been both systematically and psychologically blocked out of the ability to build a superb business. Our collective genius is consistently under attack due to the fact that when we (African American) are left to our own devices we not only succeed, we dominate. We are in a pivotal moment in time where we have a tool called the internet, that can be one of the major tools to empower us to move forward and evolve. Another pivotal tool is our Melanated Minds. This Special Report assists to unlock some of the keys to in our Mind and move us into a position of power and evolution. Ashe’”

-- Brandon Jones, M.A. (Psychotherapist, Professor, Author | www.Jegna.org)

“This Special Report is something that every melanated person needs to have, read, carry with you, and refer to on your day-to-day journey as you navigate your spiritual path through the madness of White Supremacy towards your financial success. Philippe has given us a clear and concise explanation and guide to battling the psychological toxicity of this environment that sabotages the power within us to be free. With 50+ Reasons Why African Americans Succeed at Failing Financially, you can break through the abyss of learned helplessness thinking into the light that is the vibration of our First Frequency.”

-- (Dr. Nzingha Dalila, EdD., LPCC-S, LCDC-III (Owner: Noetikha Mental Health, Research, Development & Treatment)

"This is a critical piece of work that is necessary for our people to stop and evaluate. Many times those of us of African decent feed into the narrative that we lack as a people, which can’t be true since we make everyone else on the planet rich. We also feel we don’t deserve what we seek from a deep subconscious level which hinders our ability to see our goals, desires, and dreams through on a conscious plane. Rev. Philippe Shock Matthews has gifted us a Special Report that is brilliantly written to help us take a deep and honest assessment of what could be holding us back so that we can address and heal these issues from a much more informed vantage point.”

“1st Frequency of Oneness, Science, Manifestation and Prosperity is a much-needed Special Report and a must read. Melanated man and woman, Rev. Philippe SHOCK Matthews has captured the true essence of mental and spiritual freedom. If you can overcome the “50+ Reasons…” you shall manifest mental, physical, and spiritual prosperity and activate your First Frequency. A scroll for the modern-day University of Timbuktu. “

The 50+ reasons why African Americans succeed at failing financially is due to the intergenerational, historical trauma and continuous impact whiteness and fragility has had on the American Melanated Body!

“The only thing wrong with Black people is that we think something is wrong with Black people.”― Ibram X. Kendi

We (American Melanated People) are not sick, we are sick from being exposed, colonized, corralled and controlled by sick 2nd frequency people!

The African and African American are 1st Frequency People (Gods/Goddesses) because God/GAGUT (God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem) chose us first to be on the planet and develop self mastery over all aspects of the Earth and the Heavens. 

1st Frequency People mastered the heavens (astrophysics) and the Earth (microphysics) which led the Original People on a metaphysical journey called evolution.

The African and African American are spiritual, cosmic beings having a human experience. But then there was a rude interruption. A climatic event that caused a group of 1st Frequency people to lose all aspects of their Afrikana; subsequently becoming the anti-Afrikan. 

This anti-Afrikan, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually lowered in frequency over generations and generations of being trapped in the wurm ice age and soon lost the spiritual connection of their 1st Frequency. They began transmitting a psychopathic, sociopathic and narcissistic signal spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. 

Your wealth is not attainable and sustainable within the 3rd and 4th frequencies, signals and vibration. True African American wealth can only be obtained when we unlock our 1st Frequency; our Original Oneness Signal from the One who created and chose us first to be on the planet -- the real CHOSEN PEOPLE!


  • As a bonus offer, you will also receive a 2 hour and 40 minute audio interview with Rev. SHOCK, conducted by Garrick & Leesah Vann. On this show, I reveal the latest metaphysical science and information on the 4 Frequencies along with the frequencies that killed Malcolm, Martin, Dr. Sebi and Nipsey Hussle.
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50+ Reasons Why African Americans Succeed At Failing Financially

25 ratings
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