The 4 The Metaphysical Frequencies Framework and the Hidden Signal By Rev. Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews

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The 4 The Metaphysical Frequencies Framework and the Hidden Signal By Rev. Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews delves into the realm of the human signal, specifically focusing on the original signal known as the prime signal (1st Frequency), which encapsulates the inception of the Creator's idea. The genesis of the African, mirroring the Creator in human form, symbolizes this prime signal. This signal represents resilience, strength, and an indomitable spirit that aligns with the Creator's image, the essence of the carbon quantum field that embodies all colors, culminating in a highly melanated progeny. The prime signal teaches us that before light is visible, matter, symbolized as darkness, must be present.

The secondary signal corresponds to the mutated offshoot of humanity, currently identified as the European or Eurasian. This mutation originated during an African migration when a faction became trapped in an ice age, known as the Wurm glaciation, for over a hundred thousand years. Instead of evolving, the trapped Africans devolved into an entity that diverged from their African roots. As a result of the harsh conditions, they began losing their pigmentation and developed a genetic recessive trait. Unable to reestablish their connection with the prime signal, they became a permanent offshoot.

For this genetic offshoot to endure in a melanated world, they established a domination process known as colonialism or white supremacy, particularly in the United States, which led to a racial construct between 1664 and 1681, falsely labeled as "white" people. This marked the inception of what is referred to as "white supremacy" by Dr. Francis Cress Welsing and Dr. Neely Fuller.

The survival signal, or the third signal, involves survival, assimilation, domestication, and colonization. Over the past five hundred years, this has created generational amnesia and illusion in the original prime signal bearers, African/African Americans. This has been referred to as Black Identity in the Six-Fold Stages to Mental Freedom by Dr. Oba T’Shaka.

Due to the continuous oppression and distress triggered by the secondary signal, the African/African American community has suffered generational trauma and been manipulated into a state of racial battle fatigue. This has resulted in a mentally disturbed state of self-oppression and self-hate, known as the fourth signal.

With the lack of a structured theosophical social science to provide an understanding of their prime signal, people of African descent worldwide find themselves trapped in a perpetual state of racial despair. This has led to self-destruction and a form of auto-genocide. They suffer from capture bonding or Stockholm Syndrome and trauma bonding akin to prisoners of war.

Originally, before the interference of the secondary signal, the bearers of the prime signal had the opportunity to evolve in their natural state. However, the disruption caused by the secondary signal led to a loss of their original melanated code, resulting in a spiraling descent into madness. Attempts to make sense of this situation are now carried out through third and fourth-frequency signal racial identities.

Additional Offers:

This special PDF download book comes with the special report "The Hidden Signal: The Metaphysical Frequencies of Racial Battle Fatigue," along with a return blueprint to the prime signal titled "The Six-Fold Stages to Mental Freedom" by Dr. Oba T’Shaka. Additionally, readers get access to several research papers on racial battle fatigue and the related societal and psychological experiences of African American men:

  1. "Racial Battle Fatigue and the MisEducation of Black Men: Racial Microaggressions, Societal Problem, and Environmental Stress" (20 pages)
  2. "Between Hope and Racial Battle Fatigue: African American Men and Race-Related Stress" (24 pages)
  3. "Assume the Position . . . You Fit the Description": Psychosocial Experiences and Racial Battle Fatigue Among African American Male College Students" (29 pages)
  4. "Challenging Racial Battle Fatigue" (29 pages)

These complementary materials are intended to provide a well-rounded understanding of African Americans' historical and contemporary struggles due to long-term exposure to racial discrimination, microaggressions, and systemic racism. The main aim of these resources is to shed light on the underlying mechanisms of racial battle fatigue and offer practical insights for overcoming these challenges.

In conclusion, this book is an enlightening exploration of humanity's signal frequencies, primarily focusing on the prime signal (1st Frequency). It studies the struggles and triumphs of the African/African American community while exposing the damaging effects of secondary signals. It presents a meticulous analysis of racial identities and their psychological implications. More than just a book, this essential tool uncovers historical facts and offers a unique perspective on societal issues, helping readers better comprehend the African/African American experience. Readers are empowered to reshape the present and future by gaining insights into the past.

With the aid of the bonus materials included, readers will delve deep into the realm of racial battle fatigue. They will understand its causes, effects, and ways to overcome it. The package offers a comprehensive view of African American men's societal and psychological experiences, presented in an accessible, engaging, and thought-provoking manner. Overall, the 4 Metaphysical Frequencies is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to understand the African/African American experience and racial dynamics in the world today. It helps reveal the truth behind the structures that shape our societies and encourages its readers to pursue mental freedom and a return to their prime signal (1st Frequency).

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The 4 The Metaphysical Frequencies Framework and the Hidden Signal By Rev. Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews

35 ratings
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